Sunday, May 2, 2010

Parkour Exam

WOW>. Today was the bomb. So damn long never parkour with the guys......... COme to think of it. They were ALL GUYS!!! OMG


Anyhow, now everyone knows where they stand and how well they are. It's amazing how some people felt proud, others felt disappointed, and some dun look like they care. LOL. Well i am determine to improve and be better than now. I know where i am, and it's a long way to where i wanna be. LOL!!!

Got yoinked though. While demonstrating. Says a lot huh. It means not enough practice and still kayu. Sigh... Sometimes parkour depends on luck. I did a speed on a slippery surface and slided across. Landed straight on my arse and right hand, now it hurts like hell LOL.. I think chipped off a small piece of bone. :( :( But its alright. it will heal. LOL.

Next when trying out a kash, on an edge that is not flat but... pointed sharp upwards. We didnt have anywhere else to vault. It was the only place that is suitable enough except for the fact that it was a sharp edge we're putting our hands on. I scraped my skin off and now its bare. Super sakit especially if kena water. SIGH. The things i go through for Parkour.

Anyhow, things are better now. More systematic. Next STOP! Upgrading and smoothing the moves out.


Madness in Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is always busy on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Particularly Saturdays. So busy till they run out of Spoons and Green Tea cups. Yea that busy. Never stop working. Today was madness..

I dun understand, a small boy's birthday party and they had to organize "The Amazing Craze" to celebrate it. They actually organized a full Race that mimics the The Amazing Race and the end point is dinner in Sushi Tei. The boy's friend's family members were the participants and they compete against each other.

Apparently, the birthday boy lost but because it is his birthday, he wasn't disqualified. Everyone was a winner. There were 5 teams. 5 families. Which mean at least 15 noisy kids. Age range 5-9. Shouting and screaming. Even Xavier's, the manager's loud "MASHE!!!" could not be heard.

For the whole 6 - 10pm kids were screaming and shouting and running around. They took the whole 6 tables in front and.. SIgh.. balloons popping and plates smashing. Luckily they were plastic. Think Sushi Tei prepared early for that. ALL OF THEM HAD CHAWANMUSHI!! in Plastic cups LOL!!

Sigh.. Tiring day for Sushi Tei. Can only imagine baby Jia frowning and feeling irritated by those kids... LOL

Friday, April 30, 2010

Drifting off...

Clouds are white
Sun is yellow...
Blood is red...
Skies are blue...
Leaves are green...
Sands are beige...
Branches are brown...
Crows are black...

Colors of nature... beautiful and graceful...
Specific and unique in its own way...
Never changing...
The most beautiful art has always been in front of us..
And yet humans strive to recreate and change it...
Trying to improve it... Change it...
As if we know better...

But guess what..
All that is beautiful aren't meant to last. ..
Everything beautiful will wither and go away...
Just like the flowers in the garden during Autumn..
The old birds that drop from the trees...
And the old people dying in the hospital...

But death is only a beginning of a new journey...
Cause when you are freed from this body.. And from this world...
You are also freed from all your troubles in your life...
And you are allowed to do more things and be bigger and better..
To take on new challenges and new experiences that you're not allowed to before...

That's right.

Death is a graduation from this life.
And like how you transfer from High School to University.
You will transfer from this life to another superior LIFE.


Thursday, November 5, 2009




Facebook once asked me how would my life be different if i hadn't met Kai Jia.
I answered it in FULL!! Long essay!! BUT FB lost it..
Or maybe i pressed the wrong button. It happens LOL
Well this was my answer

My life would be extremely different because
I would never found true love
I would never know the meaning of loving someone
I would never know that a girl can love me so much
I would never experience true excitement
I would never experience happiness
I would never feel this companionship
I would feel lonely
I would feel depressed like i use to
I wouldn't feel happiness
I wouldn't feel like i need people around

You gave me meaning
You gave me love
You taught me to make friends
You made me search for a 'best friend' cause of that show 'I Love You, Man'
You gave me a reason to live a happy life
You gave me the lessons in balancing workload
You gave me everything a man can wish for

Without you I would be a workaholic
I would still be DB(thanks cheng yee)
I would still be lonely
I would still have no friends
I would not be so active in college
I would not be so hyper at time
I would not be that sociable in college

You showed me the other side of the world
You gave me bliss
You showed me that life is not all about work
You gave me a reason to relax
You showed me that life can be enjoyed
You gave me things i could do to enjoy

I would never be able to feel the feeling when i drive you home
I would never be able to give you surprised every now and then
I would never be able to realize that pink is HOT
I would never be able to notice your unique lip structure
I would never be able to realize that too skinny girls are not hot at all

I wouldn't be able to meet a Princess
I wouldn't be able to be a King
I wouldn't be able to make full use of Skype
I wouldn't be able to enjoy the abundance of LOVE

Before you
My life was filled with work and nothing else
My life was miserable and lonely
My life had no friends
My life had no party
My life was empty
My life was dull and boring (DB)
My life was straight and serious
My life was Stupid and Screwed up

In short, I would not have lived without you.
My life became colorful at your presence.
You paint my world.
You constructed my life
You supplied my energy
You are my passion
You are my everything.

~~~~~~~~I LOVE YOU~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Search for FEAR

I know i know. It's been a long time since i updated.. Well, so what's been going on in my life?


Parkour is awesome!!!! We're growing and now expanding. Conquering more and more training grounds AHAHAHAh its so darn cool!!

And also, our event is running pretty well. Slow, but who cares, we get a better foundation that way. Kiwanis loves the idea. Circle K is joining us. And loads more!!!

Assignments, on the other hand, not so good HAHAHA piling like mad!! Im particularly proud of my english research paper though... Very very proud. AHAH Psych assignment is okok only laaa.

CTS!! OH GOD i went through the list the night before.. and I saw topic 17 and thought it was so so so damn funny and stupid!! And guess what!! I got that stupid topic.. ARGHHH...
If you wanna know what it is.. go check with SEM 2 students for CTS... hAHAHAHA

Oh yea guys, Theresa gave me a questionnaire.. About phobias....
What is your phobia
a. public speaking
b. Writing in public
c. social interaction
d. eating or drinking in public
e. using public washroom

and i didnt know what to answer!!!!! and cause of tht i cant continue the survey... I was like.. wth... and then it occurred to me.. she asked what is my fear. And i couldnt think of it!! It's not the first time really.. But guys, do list down things people are generally afraid of and i would like to know.. I NEED A FEAR


Jenn Said Don't you think Kai Jia looks like the girl in Monster Inc?

And so i did this comparison!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

i did a free Rorschach online test. AWESOME

Test Results

Sickness Quotient: 67%
Hmmm, your Sickness Quotient of 67% is a little worriesome.

Detailed Diagnosis

  • Interpersonal Insights
    You never give up and refuse to settle for less than the best. In other words, you're impossible to please and you never shutup. You have delusions of adequacy which are completely unfounded. You couldn't pour tea out of a boot with the instuctions written on the heel.

  • Job Performance & Attitude
    You frequently mention terms like "core competencies" and "paradigm shifts" while at work. Stop acting like such a tool. Rather than do a one-time job that takes ten minutes, you'd work for 5 years to automate it.

  • Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is "Practice makes perfect.", but since nobody's perfect you might as well stop wasting your time.